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At Confident Voice Academy, we take pride in highlighting and promoting our extraordinary students. Here are just a few of our Remarkable Protégés. 

Confident Voice Spotlight

"Experience is vital when it comes to being a professional vocal coach. Through years of dedication, guiding each voice toward its full potential is not just my profession;it's my purpose."

-S. Thomas


Victoria McQueen

Victoria McQueen, affectionately known as the first "Idol Baby" on American Idol, gained recognition with her soulful rendition of "Don't You Worry About A Thing,". She was coached by Academy Founder

before, during, after her time while being on the show. Today she continues to shine in the music industry as member of   'Psiryn,'

a newly formed viral R&B girl group directed by

Kandi Burruss. Click below to watch the exciting audition.

Pranysqa Mishra

Pranysqa Mishra,

a remarkable 9-year-old talent under the tutelage of Confident Voice Academy founder since the age of five. Pranysqa has graced stages nationwide, including The Apollo Theater and her recent performance at The Tennis US Open, which aired on ESPN.

In her homeland of Canada, Pranysqa has affectionately been dubbed 'The Next Celine Dion.' Click below to watch her impressive performance.

Bebop Bardough

Bebop Bardough,

the TikTok Star boasting a staggering 7.7 million followers and over 2 billion views as part of the Duo Bebop and Bebe, has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine. Being mentored by Confident Voice Academy's founder, Bebop has released two original songs. Furthermore, Bebop is a Verified Spotify artist. This mini actress is sure to take Hollywood by storm, promising a bright future in the entertainment industry. Click below to watch her captivating content.

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